Are you looking to consolidate debt or find the money to pay for unexpected expenses? Have you ever considered using the equity in your home? At OakPark Mortgage group we offer home equity loans.

Advantages to using the equity in your home include:

  • Lower monthly payments – interest rates on home equity loans are usually lower than personal
    loans or credit cards.
  • Investments
  • New property purchase
  • And much more

What is a home equity loan?

A Home Equity loan is a loan secured by your home that allows you to access a portion of your home’s value for monthly payments and a fixed interest rate.

How can you use the funds from a home equity loan?

Generally you would use a Home Equity Loan to access money at a low monthly interest payment. Whether you want to do home improvements, purchase a car, pay for your children’s education, consolidate debt, or fulfill your dreams and travel, the equity in your home can be used for any purchase or expense.

You can request a Free Home Valuation below to see what equity you have available to use in your home.

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